Calories in butter – nutrition facts for butter
calories in butter

Calories in Butter

Table 1 = The weight of butter
Table 2 = Average values for butter (100 g)
Table 3 = Specific brands of butter


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The weight of butter

(based on average values)
Food ItemKcalFatCarbProt
Thin layer of butter, for 1 slice of bread
(about 3 g)
2202.4 g00.0 g00.0 g
Medium layer of butter, for 1 slice of bread
(about 5 g)
3704.1 g00.0 g00.0 g
Thick layer of butter, for 1 slice of bread
(about 12 g)
8909.8 g00.1 g00.1 g


Average values for butter (100 g)

(based on an average of specific brands of butter)

Food Item
(100 g)
Butter, block74381.6 g00.6 g00.6 g
Goats butter, block79488.0 g00.3 g00.6 g

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Specific brands of butter (100 g)

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Food Item
(100 g)
Anchor Butter74482.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Anchor Lighter Spreadable51657.0 g00.5 g00.5 g
Anchor Spreadable69677.0 g00.5 g00.5 g
Anchor Unsalted Butter74482.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Arla Lactofree Spreadable Lactose Free67975.0 g00.5 g00.5 g
ASDA British Salted Butter74582.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
ASDA British Unsalted Butter75483.0 g01.1 g00.6 g
ASDA Organic British Slightly Salted Butter74282.0 g00.7 g00.7 g
ASDA Spreadable with Real Butter55260.0 g02.1 g00.5 g
ASDA Spreadable with Real Butter Light37541.0 g01.1 g00.5 g
Bertolli Butter with Olive Oil61270.0 g00.5 g00.5 g
Bertolli with Butter & Olive Oil61570.0 g00.6 g00.5 g
Calon Wen Organic Lightly Salted Butter74581.0 g01.5 g00.5 g
Calon Wen Organic Unsalted Butter74581.0 g01.5 g00.5 g
Country Life Lighter51756.4 g01.3 g01.0 g
Country Life Salted Butter73781.7 g00.0 g00.5 g
Country Life Spreadable63270.0 g00.3 g00.3 g
Country Life Unsalted Butter74682.7 g00.0 g00.5 g
Delamere Dairy Goats Butter79388.0 g00.5 g00.7 g
Delamere Dairy Goats Spreadable65472.4 g00.2 g00.3 g
Glenilen Farm Farmhouse Butter74482.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Golden Cow Softer73680.0 g00.8 g00.5 g
Isigny Ste Mère Unpasteurised Salted Butter72580.0 g00.5 g00.7 g
Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter74480.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Kerrygold Softer Butter72680.0 g00.8 g00.7 g
Kerrygold Spreadable74480.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Kerrygold Unsalted74882.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Loseley Summer Meadow Butter72880.5 g00.7 g00.5 g
Lurpak Butter Slightly Salted73982.0 g00.7 g00.6 g
Lurpak Butter Unsalted74782.0 g00.7 g00.6 g
Lurpak Spreadable Olive Oil Lighter54360.0 g00.4 g00.3 g
Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted70678.0 g00.6 g00.5 g
Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted Lighter51657.0 g00.4 g00.3 g
Lurpak Spreadable Unsalted Lighter51657.0 g00.4 g00.3 g
Lye Cross Farm Butter73781.0 g00.8 g00.6 g
M√ľller Butter Salted73681.1 g00.6 g01.0 g
Président Butter Slightly Salted73481.0 g00.5 g00.7 g
Président Butter Unsalted74382.0 g00.5 g00.7 g
Président Spreadable64070.0 g01.5 g01.0 g
Président Spreadable Unsalted64070.0 g01.5 g01.0 g
Rachel's Organic Butter Lightly Salted74281.9 g00.7 g00.5 g
Rachel's Organic Butter Unsalted74982.7 g00.7 g00.5 g
Sainsbury's Creamy Salted Butter71878.8 g01.6 g00.7 g
Sainsbury's Salted English Butter74582.2 g00.6 g00.6 g
Sainsbury's Slightly Salted English Butter74281.8 g00.7 g00.7 g
Sainsbury's SO Organic Slightly Salted74281.8 g00.7 g00.7 g
Sainsbury's SO Organic Unsalted75183.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Sainsbury's Unsalted English Butter75182.9 g00.6 g00.6 g
Sainsbury's West Country Farmhouse Butter75383.2 g00.5 g00.5 g
Shirgar Welsh Salted Butter72480.0 g00.0 g00.5 g
St. Helen's Farm Goats Butter79488.0 g00.0 g00.5 g
Stork with Butter62670.0 g00.6 g00.5 g
Tesco British Butter Salted74982.7 g00.6 g00.6 g
Tesco British Butter Unsalted74582.2 g00.6 g00.6 g
Tesco Butterpak Spreadable Slightly Salted70678.0 g00.2 g00.5 g
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Butter Salted74482.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Trewithen Dairy Spreadable71480.2 g00.4 g00.4 g
Waitrose Brittany Butter with Sea Salt Crystals72580.0 g00.5 g00.7 g
Waitrose Duchy Organic English Salted Butter73481.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Waitrose Essential Salted Dairy Butter73781.7 g00.0 g00.5 g
Waitrose Essential Unsalted Dairy Butter74682.7 g00.0 g00.5 g
Yeo Valley Butter73481.0 g00.6 g00.6 g
Yeo Valley Buttery & Spreadable73581.3 g00.4 g00.4 g
Yeo Valley Unsalted Butter74482.2 g00.6 g00.6 g


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Sources that may have been used for calories in butter: F√łdevaredatabanken, version 7, 2008, DTU F√łdevareinstituttet (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet), USDA Food Composition Databases, food labels and the websites of food manufacturers

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Anchor¬†Butter, Anchor¬†Lighter Spreadable, Anchor¬†Spreadable, Anchor¬†Unsalted Butter, Arla¬†Lactofree Spreadable Lactose Free, ASDA¬†British Salted Butter, ASDA¬†British Unsalted Butter, ASDA¬†Organic British Slightly Salted Butter, ASDA¬†Spreadable with Real Butter, ASDA¬†Spreadable with Real Butter Light, Bertolli¬†Butter with Olive Oil, Bertolli¬†with Butter & Olive Oil, Calon Wen¬†Organic Lightly Salted Butter, Calon Wen¬†Organic Unsalted Butter, Country Life¬†Lighter, Country Life¬†Salted Butter, Country Life¬†Spreadable, Country Life¬†Unsalted Butter, Delamere Dairy¬†Goats Butter, Delamere Dairy¬†Goats Spreadable, Glenilen Farm¬†Farmhouse Butter, Golden Cow¬†Softer, Isigny Ste M√®re¬†Unpasteurised Salted Butter, Kerrygold¬†Pure Irish Butter, Kerrygold¬†Softer Butter, Kerrygold¬†Spreadable, Kerrygold¬†Unsalted, Loseley¬†Summer Meadow Butter, Lurpak¬†Butter Slightly Salted, Lurpak¬†Butter Unsalted, Lurpak¬†Spreadable Olive Oil Lighter, Lurpak¬†Spreadable Slightly Salted, Lurpak¬†Spreadable Slightly Salted Lighter, Lurpak¬†Spreadable Unsalted Lighter, Lye Cross Farm¬†Butter, M√ľller¬†Butter Salted, Pr√©sident¬†Butter Slightly Salted, Pr√©sident¬†Butter Unsalted, Pr√©sident¬†Spreadable, Pr√©sident¬†Spreadable Unsalted, Rachel’s¬†Organic Butter Lightly Salted, Rachel’s¬†Organic Butter Unsalted, Sainsbury’s¬†Creamy Salted Butter, Sainsbury’s¬†Salted English Butter, Sainsbury’s¬†Slightly Salted English Butter, Sainsbury’s¬†SO Organic Slightly Salted, Sainsbury’s¬†SO Organic Unsalted, Sainsbury’s¬†Unsalted English Butter, Sainsbury’s¬†West Country Farmhouse Butter, Shirgar¬†Welsh Salted Butter, St. Helen’s Farm¬†Goats Butter, Stork¬†with Butter, Tesco¬†British Butter Salted, Tesco¬†British Butter Unsalted, Tesco¬†Butterpak Spreadable Slightly Salted, Trewithen Dairy¬†Cornish Butter Salted, Trewithen Dairy¬†Spreadable, Waitrose¬†Brittany Butter with Sea Salt Crystals, Waitrose¬†Duchy Organic English Salted Butter, Waitrose¬†Essential Salted Dairy Butter, Waitrose¬†Essential Unsalted Dairy Butter, Yeo Valley¬†Butter, Yeo Valley¬†Buttery & Spreadable, Yeo Valley¬†Unsalted Butter.

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