Calories in burger king
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calories in burger king

Calories in Burger King

Table 1 = Specific food items from burger king


Specific food items from burger king

PLEASE NOTE: All foods and beverages from Burger King are listed per 1 portion (= the amount you get in one portion) and not per 100 g.

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Food Item
(1 portion)
Angus Classic60029.0 g44.0 g40.0 g
Apple Fries3000.0 g07.0 g00.0 g
Bacon Butty21006.0 g31.0 g09.0 g
Bacon Cheese Bites (3)16010.0 g09.0 g07.0 g
Bacon Cheese Bites (5)26017.0 g16.0 g12.0 g
Bacon Cheese Chicken Royale56024.0 g53.0 g30.0 g
Bacon Croissan'wich40023.0 g32.0 g18.0 g
Bacon Double Cheeseburger36017.0 g30.0 g21.0 g
Bacon Double XL93051.0 g55.0 g61.0 g
Bacon King104059.0 g58.0 g69.0 g
Bacon King Muffin32015.0 g28.0 g19.0 g
Big King XL101060.0 g58.0 g59.0 g
Blueberry Muffin43024.0 g48.0 g05.0 g
BLT Chicken Wrap45020.0 g43.0 g24.0 g
Cappuccino, Large36008.0 g62.0 g09.0 g
Cappuccino, Regular28007.0 g46.0 g07.0 g
Caramel Sundae9007.0 g41.0 g04.0 g
Cheeseburger30013.0 g30.0 g17.0 g
Chicken Bacon King69032.0 g56.0 g44.0 g
Chicken Burger39021.0 g39.0 g12.0 g
Chicken Nuggets (4)19012.0 g11.0 g11.0 g
Chicken Nuggets (6)29018.0 g16.0 g17.0 g
Chicken Nuggets (9)42028.0 g24.0 g25.0 g
Chicken Royale44016.0 g52.0 g23.0 g
Chicken Strips (2)19010.0 g13.0 g13.0 g
Chicken Strips (4)38019.0 g25.0 g26.0 g
Chicken Tendercrisp52018.0 g58.0 g29.0 g
Chilli Cheese Bites (3)18010.0 g19.0 g05.0 g
Chilli Cheese Bites (4)24013.0 g25.0 g07.0 g
Chilli Cheese Bites (6)37020.0 g39.0 g11.0 g
Chocolate Brownie Hottie45028.0 g45.0 g06.0 g
Chocolate Doughnut33022.0 g30.0 g04.0 g
Chocolate Milkshake43010.0 g73.0 g12.0 g
Chocolate Muffin48031.0 g47.0 g04.0 g
Chocolate Sundae24007.0 g42.0 g04.0 g
Crispy Chicken Salad21010.0 g15.0 g16.0 g
Double Cheeseburger44023.0 g29.0 g28.0 g
Double Croissan'wich54034.0 g33.0 g27.0 g
Double Whopper Sandwich87050.0 g55.0 g50.0 g
Emmental Bites (3)17010.0 g10.0 g08.0 g
Emmental Bites (5)28017.0 g16.0 g14.0 g
Fries, Large40018.0 g52.0 g05.0 g
Fries, Medium28012.0 g36.0 g04.0 g
Fries, Small22010.0 g29.0 g03.0 g
Fries, Super47021.0 g62.0 g06.0 g
Garden Side Salad1500.0 g02.0 g01.0 g
Glazed Doughnut21012.0 g22.0 g03.0 g
Hamburger25009.0 g27.0 g14.0 g
Hash Browns, Large38026.0 g30.0 g03.0 g
Hash Browns, Regular28019.0 g22.0 g02.0 g
Ice Cream Cone12004.0 g19.0 g03.0 g
Kids Cheeseburger29012.0 g28.0 g17.0 g
Kids Hamburger25009.0 g27.0 g14.0 g
Kids Veggie Burger33012.0 g49.0 g08.0 g
King Fish43020.0 g44.0 g18.0 g
Latte14006.0 g19.0 g- g
Latte, flavoured (caramel, mocha or vanilla)14006.0 g19.0 g- g
Long Big King62034.0 g46.0 g31.0 g
Long Pepperoni49022.0 g43.0 g- g
Long Texas BBQ54024.0 g53.0 g27.0 g
Mini-Pancakes & Syrup (6)27010.0 g41.0 g03.0 g
Mini-Pancakes & Syrup (9)36015.0 g52.0 g04.0 g
Mozzarella Sticks (3)21013.0 g13.0 g09.0 g
Mozzarella Sticks (5)34022.0 g21.0 g16.0 g
Onion Rings (5)23011.0 g28.0 g04.0 g
Onion Rings (12)53027.0 g62.0 g09.0 g
Onion Rings (16)71035.0 g82.0 g12.0 g
Oreo King Fusion26010.0 g39.0 g05.0 g
Oreo Shake57018.0 g90.0 g11.0 g
Sausage Croissan'wich60036.0 g44.0 g25.0 g
Sausage King Muffin43023.0 g28.0 g26.0 g
Steakhouse67034.0 g53.0 g37.0 g
Strawberry Milkshake43009.0 g75.0 g12.0 g
Strawberry Sundae22007.0 g39.0 g11.0 g
Vanilla Milkshake37009.0 g59.0 g12.0 g
Veggie Bean Burger55026.0 g62.0 g15.0 g
Warm Belgian Waffle50024.0 g66.0 g06.0 g
Whopper Jr. Sandwich33016.0 g30.0 g14.0 g
Whopper Sandwich54022.0 g57.0 g28.0 g



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