Calories in ice cream tub
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calories in ice cream tub

Calories in Ice Cream Tub

Table 1 = Calories per 100g


Calories Per 100g: Ice Cream Tub

(based on average values)

100g chocolate ice cream17006.5 g24.2 g03.2 g
100g cornish vanilla ice cream18808.9 g23.0 g03.4 g
100g Madagascan vanilla ice cream20510.6 g24.0 g03.4 g
100g Neapolitan ice cream16306.1 g24.0 g02.7 g
100g peanut butter ice cream33222.7 g23.4 g07.7 g
100g salted caramel ice cream23711.9 g28.9 g03.5 g
100g strawberry cheesecake ice cream25514.2 g28.2 g03.5 g
100g strawberry ice cream18708.2 g25.6 g02.6 g
100g triple chocolate ice cream18807.3 g27.1 g03.0 g
100g vanilla ice cream17707.5 g24.3 g02.7 g
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See related products: #IceCreamTubs



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