Calories in Toffees
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Calories in Toffees

Calories in Toffees

Table 1 = Calories per 100g

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Calories Per 100g: Toffees

(based on average values)

100g toffees48320.9 g71.4 g02.1 g
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About calories in toffees

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Image for calories in toffees: Pixabay.

Source for calories in toffees: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark.

How many calories in toffees?

There are 483 calories in 100g of toffees.

Percentage of calories from macronutrients:

About 39% of the calories in toffees comes from fat.
About 59% of the calories in toffees comes from carbs.
About 2% of the calories in toffees comes from protein.

How much fat in toffees?

There are 20.9g of fat in 100g of toffees.

How many carbs in toffees?

There are 71.4g of carbs in 100g of toffees.

How much protein in toffees?

There are 2.1g of protein in 100g of toffees.

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