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Calcium Chart

Calcium Chart

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Food Item (100g)Calcium (mg per 100g)
Baking Powder11300
Poppy Seeds1448
Dried Coriander Leaves1246
Fennel Seeds1196
Grana Cheese1180
Parmesan Cheese1180
Emmental Cheese990
Dried Sesame Seeds959
Cheddar Cheese840
Mozzarella Cheese740
Coriander Seeds709
Agar Seaweeds690
Blue or White Mold Cheese590
Curry Powder478
Black Pepper437
Tea Leaves430
Canned Sardines420
Chervil, raw400
Dried Egg Yolks284
Canned Salmon270
White Pepper265
Almonds, raw256
Lemon Peel, raw250
Kale, raw219
Dill, raw202
Flax Seeds, raw201
Chocolate Milk195
Dried Figs193
Brown Sugar185
Parsley, raw185
Rose Hips, raw184
Porridge Oats180
Dried Soyabeans163
Instant Coffee Powder160
Vanilla Ice Cream156
Dandelion Leaves, raw150
Canned Anchovies145
Brazil Nuts140
Hazel Nuts136
Natural Yoghurt136
Goat Milk134
Spinach, raw129
Dried White Beans126
Skimmed Milk124
Semi Skimmed Milk122
Canned Green Olives120
Crab Claw Meat120
Strawberry Yoghurt119
Whole Milk116
Rhubarb, raw115



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Image for calcium chart: Pixabay.

Source for calcium chart: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark