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Cholesterol Chart

Cholesterol Chart

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Food Item (100g)Cholesterol (mg per 100g)
Dried Chicken Egg Yolks2335
Dried Chicken Eggs1715
Chicken Egg Yolks, raw1281
Duck Eggs, raw884
Goose Eggs, raw852
Chicken Liver, raw555
Duck Liver, raw515
Goose Liver, raw515
Haddock Liver Oil492
Cod Liver Oil450
Chicken Eggs, raw423
Ox Kidney, raw411
Calf Kidney, raw364
Pork Kidney, raw319
Calf Liver, raw300
Ox Liver, raw300
Pork Liver, raw300
Cod Roe, canned or raw235
Octopus, raw210
Blended Spread163
Crayfish, raw158
Beef Heart, raw150
Veal Heart, raw150
Blue or White Mold Cheese146
Chicken Heart, raw136
Pork Heart, raw131
Liver Pâté127
Whipping Cream, 38% fat126
Bacon Crisps119
Cheddar Cheese109
Chicken Sausage104
Pork Tongue, raw101
Canned Tuna, in oil100
Goose Fat100
Pigeon, raw95
Canned Anchovies90
Canned Salmon90
Deepfried Chicken with Skin88
Smoked Ham88
Chicken Drumstick with Skin, raw84
Goose Flesh, no skin, raw84
Garfish, raw82
Lamb Flank, raw82



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Image for cholesterol chart: Pixabay.

Source for cholesterol chart: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark