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Iron Chart

Iron Chart

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Food Item (100g)Iron (mg per 100g)
Dried Coriander Leaves42.5
Duck Liver, raw30.5
Goose Liver, raw30.5
Curry Powder29.6
Black Pepper28.9
Wheat Bran19.0
Fennel Seeds18.5
Rice Bran18.5
Coriander Seeds16.3
Black Pudding, boiled16.2
Dried Yeast16.1
Dried Soya Beans15.7
Flax Seeds14.6
Sesame Seeds14.6
White Pepper14.3
Pork Liver, raw13.4
Alfalfa Seeds12.9
Cocoa Powder11.0
Poppy Seeds09.4
Dried Tomatoes09.1
Agar Seaweeds09.0
Canned Mussels, in brine08.4
Mussels, boiled or raw07.7
Chicken Liver, raw07.6
Liver Sausage07.1
Ox Kidney, raw06.9
Dried Eggs06.8
Dried Peach06.8
Calf Kidney, raw06.8
Dried Mung Beans06.7
Dried Chickpeas06.4
Liver Pâté06.1
Oil-Roasted Cashew Nuts06.1
Ox Liver, raw06.1
Dried Apricots06.0
Dry-Roasted Cashew Nuts06.0
Chicken Heart, raw06.0
Pork Heart, raw06.0
Dill, raw05.5
Dried Pine Nuts05.5
Dried White Beans05.5
Egg Yolks, raw05.5
Calf Liver, raw05.0
Sunflower Seeds, no shell05.0
Wheat Germ, raw05.0
Barley Flour04.5
Duck Breast, no skin, raw04.5
Spinach, raw04.5
Corn Flakes04.4



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Image for iron chart: Pixabay.

Source for iron chart: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark