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Vitamin A Chart

Vitamin A Chart

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What is RE?
RE = Retinol Equivalents. One RE is defined as the biological activity associated with 1 µg of all-trans retinol.

Food Item (100g)Vitamin A (RE per 100g)
Haddock Liver Oil60000
Goose Liver, raw31500
Cod Liver Oil30000
Chicken Liver, raw18000
Ox Liver, raw15579
Pig Liver, raw14125
Duck Liver, raw11984
Liver Pâté8800
Cod Liver, raw5100
Calf Liver, raw4813
Eel, raw1800
Carrot Juice1288
Dried Egg Yolks1028
Rose Hips, raw950
Carrot, raw816
Salted Butter754
Dandelion Leaves, raw750
Unsalted Butter708
Crab Meat650
Egg Yolks, raw610
Dill, raw499
Parsley, raw474
Kale, raw421
Blue or White Mold Cheese391
Sweet Potatoes, raw373
Tuna, canned or raw372
Spinach, raw349
Watercress, raw334
Whipping Cream, 38% fat333
Coriander Leaves, raw328
Parmesan Cheese266
Emmental Cheese258
Spring Onions, raw250
Mozzarella Cheese223
Chicken Eggs, raw208
Garden Cress, raw207
Hard Cheese, 40% fat200
Dried Apricots199
Duck Eggs, raw193
Goose Eggs, raw186
Cream, 18% fat160
Pig Kidney, raw151
Sprat, raw150
Goose Fat144
Apricot, raw131
Chervil, raw123
Cabbage Lettuce, raw120
Cream, 13% fat118
Chives, raw115



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Image for vitamin a chart: Pixabay.

Source for vitamin a chart: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark