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Vitamin C Chart

Vitamin C Chart

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Food Item (100g)Vitamin C (mg per 100g)
Rose Hips, raw840
Coriander Leaves, dried567
Parsley, raw308
Guava, raw228
Rose Hip Syrup194
Sweet Red Pepper194
Blackcurrants, raw181
Kale, raw169
Hot Chili Pepper, raw166
Horseradish, raw152
Lemon Peel, raw129
Broccoli, raw121
Brussels Sprouts, raw119
Sweet Green Pepper, raw104
Kiwi, raw92.7
Cauliflower, raw76.8
Strawberries, raw76
Lychee, raw71.5
Blackcurrant Jam70
Dill, raw70
Spring Cabbage, raw66
Papaya, raw61.8
Canned Tomato Juice61.7
Orange, raw60.8
Red Cabbage, raw60
Watercress, raw60
Spinach, raw54
Tomato Soup53
Lemon, raw49
White Cabbage, raw45.8
Blueberries, raw44
Green Peas, raw43
Chives, raw41
Parsley Root, raw41
Dandelion Leaves, raw40
Orange Juice39.4
Dried Tomatoes39.2
Potato Crisps38.4
Chervil, raw37
Garden Cress, raw35
Gooseberries, raw33
Radishes, raw33
Passion Fruit, raw30
Lime, raw29.1
Elderberries, raw29
Cantaloupe Melon, raw27.8
Mango, raw27.7
Coriander Leaves, raw27
Potatoes, raw26.4



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Image for vitamin c chart: Pixabay.

Source for vitamin c chart: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark