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Vitamin D Chart

Vitamin D Chart

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Food Item (100g)Vitamin D (µg per 100g)
Haddock Liver Oil500
Cod Liver Oil250
Cod Liver, raw100
Eel, raw30
Salmon, raw30
Cod Roe, smoked27.2
Lake Trout, raw18.7
Halibut, raw15
Canned Salmon13
Rainbow Trout, raw13
Cod Roe, raw12.1
Canned Sardines12
Canned Cod Roe11
Herring, raw10.7
Charr, raw9
Smoked Herring8.1
Sole, raw8
Canned Kippers6
Bream, raw5.5
Mackerel, raw5.5
Garfish, raw5
Smoked Eel5
Smoked Salmon5
Egg Yolks, raw4
White Fish, raw3



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Image for vitamin d chart: Pixabay.

Source for vitamin d chart: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark