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Vitamin E Chart

Vitamin E Chart

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Food Item (100g)Vitamin E (α-TE per 100g)
Wheat Germ Oil149
Sunflower Oil55
Safflower Oil38.7
Thistle Oil38.7
Cotton Seed Oil35.3
Cod Liver Oil30
Haddock Liver Oil30
Grapeseed Oil28.8
Palm Kernel Oil25.6
Dried Pine Nuts24
Curry Powder22
Dried Hazel Nuts21
Cod Liver, raw20
Rapeseed Oil18.4
Flaxseed Oil17.5
Palm Oil15.9
Peanut Oil13
Corn Oil12
Dried Peanuts8.2
Flax Seeds8.2
Eel, raw8
Potato Crisps6.1
Soyabean Oil6.1
Blackberries, raw5.5
Kale, raw5.4
Egg Yolks, raw5.2
Olive Oil5.1
Brazil Nuts5



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Image for vitamin e chart: Pixabay.

Source for vitamin e chart: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark