Calories in salami
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calories in salami

Calories in Salami

Table 1 = The weight of salami
Table 2 = Average values for salami (100 g)
Table 3 = Specific brands of salami


The weight of salami

(based on average values)
Food Item
1 small slice of salami, cold cuts
(about 5 g)
1 big slice of salami, cold cuts
(about 10 g)



Average values for salami (100 g)

(based on average values)

Food Item
(100 g)
German salami33927.3 g01.4 g21.3 g
Italian Milano salami36829.0 g00.7 g26.1 g
Saucisson Sec41232.9 g01.6 g26.5 g
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Specific brands of salami (100 g)

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Food Item
(100 g)
Aoste Saveur De France Saucisson Sec44537.0 g02.0 g26.0 g
ASDA Danish Salami Rich & Savoury40436.0 g02.9 g17.0 g
ASDA German Peppered Salami Sweet & Warming38532.0 g02.7 g20.0 g
ASDA German Salami Smoky & Savoury38132.0 g02.4 g20.0 g
ASDA Italian Milano Salami Rich & Garlicky41436.0 g00.5 g23.0 g
Beretta Originale SalaMini Salami Bites48341.0 g00.5 g28.0 g
Blooms Salami19515.8 g00.2 g12.8 g
Brindisa Ibérico Bellota Salchichón48641.5 g01.0 g27.0 g
Delisia Deliciously Halal Salami Snack Bar36628.0 g00.5 g28.0 g
Delisia Deliciously Halal Turkey Salami33825.7 g02.7 g24.1 g
Evim Sliced Beef Salami with Turkey Meat43240.0 g01.0 g17.0 g
Golfera Organic Fennel Seeds Salami34327.0 g00.6 g25.0 g
Golfera Organic Milano Salami32724.0 g00.9 g26.0 g
Golfera Petali Salame Milano31922.0 g01.3 g29.0 g
Kamar Yamini Halal Mini Salami44335.0 g01.5 g30.0 g
Najma Sliced Spanish Turkey Salami29320.7 g04.6 g21.6 g
Negroni Negronetto Snack Salame Di Pura Carne Suina38430.0 g00.6 g28.0 g
Ocado German Salami31025.0 g01.0 g20.0 g
Ocado Gold Italian Salami Milano38331.0 g00.5 g26.0 g
Pick The Delicatessen Spicy Salami Sticks54150.0 g00.5 g22.0 g
Rutland Charcuterie Classic Salami Garlic & Caraway43530.3 g00.1 g40.7 g
Rutland Charcuterie Salami for Snacking Chilli & Paprika43530.3 g00.1 g40.7 g
Rutland Charcuterie Salami for Snacking Fennel & Coriander43530.3 g00.1 g40.7 g
Rutland Charcuterie Salami for Snacking Garlic & Caraway43530.3 g00.1 g40.7 g
Sainsbury's Black German Salami Slices34026.0 g01.0 g25.1 g
Sainsbury's German Salami Slices31025.0 g01.0 g20.0 g
Sainsbury's Milano Salami Slices39831.8 g01.0 g26.9 g
Tahira Beef and Turkey Hunger Cruncher Halal Mini Salami39732.0 g00.5 g27.0 g
Tahira Premium Selection Beef Salami30321.0 g02.3 g26.2 g
Tahira Turkey Pizza Salami with Beef38734.0 g01.2 g19.0 g
Tesco Finest Italian Salami Milano34126.5 g00.5 g25.1 g
Tesco Finest Italian Salami Spianata Piccante37128.0 g01.5 g28.2 g
Tesco German Peppered Salami Smoky, Black Pepper33526.0 g01.0 g23.8 g
Tesco German Salami Garlic, Lightly Smoked31025.0 g01.0 g20.0 g
Tesco Italian Salami Garlic & Pepper34727.3 g00.5 g24.8 g
Tesco The Delicatessen Salami Milano38230.5 g00.5 g26.3 g
Tesco The Delicatessen Saucisson Sec Bastides41931.7 g01.3 g30.5 g
Unearthed Organic Italian Milano Salami38931.0 g00.1 g27.5 g
Waitrose Rich & Aromatic Saucisson Sec with Herbes De Provence37329.9 g01.6 g23.0 g
Waitrose Rich & Peppery Napoli Salami33625.2 g00.2 g27.0 g
Waitrose Rich & Smoky Salami30223.5 g00.4 g21.7 g
Waitrose Richly Seasoned Milano Salami35828.4 g00.8 g24.8 g
Waitrose Richly Seasoned Peppered Salami31925.3 g00.7 g21.5 g
Zahra Hallal Sliced Turkey Salami34129.0 g01.9 g18.0 g


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About calories in salami

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