How do you stay motivated for losing weight, getting in shape and improving your health?

One of the best ways to stay motivated, is to share your health journey with other people! 🙂 Not just friends and family, but especially fans and followers on the internet! You can blog about your ups and downs, show pictures of your transformed body, show pictures of your meals, show videos of your workouts etc.

Lots of people out there need you and your story. You’ll be motivating other people to get off the couch – and they’ll keep you motivated at the same time. That’s a win-win! 🙂

While doing this you can even make money on your website/blog, and you don’t need to be a ‘big influencer’ or look for a sponsor. All you need is a reliable and health related affiliate network, so you can handpick and promote products like superfoods, supplements, beauty products, beauty devices, shapewear etc. – whatever you personally like. And every time you promote something and make a sale, you’ll automatically earn a 13-30% commission.

It requires no investments. And it requires no special skills. All you have to do, is to handpick products you like and put them on your website/blog in the form of banners or affiliate links.

If you don’t already have a website/blog, you can create one for free.


Start Monetizing Your Health Journey Today

1. Sign up for a reliable and health related affiliate network. It’s 100% free.

2. Log in to your new account. Fill out your profile and preferred way to get paid: bank transfer, PayPal, Wester Union or Paxum.

3: While being logged in to your new account, find products you like and promote them on your website/blog (banners or affiliate links). If you don’t already have a website/blog, you can create one for free.

4: Start making money 🙂