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Plant-Based Protein Chart

Plant-Based Protein Chart

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Food Item (100g)Protein (g per 100g)
Dried Soya Beans35.8
Alfalfa Seeds35.1
Wheat Germ, raw28.1
Dried Red Lentils27.3
Dried Peanuts25.8
Flax Seeds25
Dried Mung Beans23.9
Peanut Butter22.6
Cocoa Powder22.5
Dried Split Peas22
Dried Coriander Leaves21.9
Sesame Seeds, no shell21.9
Roasted Pistachios21.4
Dried White Beans21.3
Dried Chickpeas20.4
Sunflower Seeds, no shell19.9
Dried Brown Beans18.9
Poppy Seeds18
Sesame Seeds, whole17.7
Garlic Powder16.8
Oil-Roasted Cashew Nuts16.8
Wheat Bran16.2
Fennel Seeds15.8
Dry-Roasted Cashew Nuts15.3
Brazil Nuts15
Hazel Nuts14.9
Dried Tomatoes14.1
Dried Pine Nuts13.7



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Image for plant-based protein chart: Pixabay.

Source for plant-based protein chart: Department of Nutrition – National Food Institute – Technical University of Denmark